New Regionalism book published

Our book on New Regionalism in Canada has been published: Vodden, K., Douglas, D. J. A., Markey, S., Minnes, S., & Reimer, B. (Eds.). (2019). The Theory, Practice and Potential of Regional Development: The Case of Canada, 1st Edition (Hardback) – Routledge (1st ed.). Retrieved from

It provides the research results and insights from a five-year collaborative project examining the meaning, recognition, and implementation of new regionalism approaches in Canada. Five new regionalism themes provided theoretical foci (Multi-level collaborative governance; Place-based development; Integrated development; Rural-urban interactions; and Learning and innovation). Five case studies were conducted in four provinces (Kootenays, BC; Eastern Ontario; Rimouski, QC; Kittiwake, NL; Northern Peninsula, NL).

The research demonstrates the undeveloped and fragmented nature of new regionalism as a theoretical concept along with its weak integration into practice at federal, provincial, and regional/municipal levels–in spite of its rhetorical use in policy circles. We conclude that new perspectives, policies, and programs are necessary–especially those which develop the capacity to think and act regionally. Such initiatives must also be more broadly conceptualized than the economic one which currently predominates in the literature and policy circles. Social, cultural, and environmental practices are all important elements in regional development.

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