Moving to BC (July 2020)

July 22, 2020

After 48 years in Québec, we are moving to BC. We do so with heavy hearts since our time here has been rich in opportunities, friends, fulfilling accomplishments, and the unique environment of Ile-Bigras.

However, we look westward as the arrow of time imposes itself on our lives and bodies. Our children and grandchildren are now settled in BC and our declining energy makes clear that we will not always have the ability to make such a major move. As we go through the 48 years of accumulated material in our packing frenzy, we are reminded how such energy is a critical requirement.

We are now in the “end game” of our move: surrounded by boxes, “to-do” lists, and memories as we focus on moving day (July 23rd). The process has included many enjoyable discoveries and reminiscences as photos, documents, and knick-knacks are curated–frequently resulting in an exchange of questions (Do you remember this?) and anecdotes along the way. We are thankful that the two of us are around in order to share the associated memories.

In recognition of the dangers of COVID-19 we have chosen to make the move by road. We have rented a RV with all the basics: bed, kitchen, toilet, and even a shower–to allow us a bubble of isolation along the way. We will take about 14 days to make the journey–with extra time to enjoy the natural delights of the trip and to visit friends and relatives  from an appropriate distance along the way. We have made the trip several times and always enjoy the experiences and surprises along the way.

I will use this blog to keep you informed of our progress Since we don’t have grandchildren with us for this trip you will “suffer” some of the stories they would have heard as we pass through places of significance to our family and personal histories. I hope you find them interesting and would love to hear your comments and stories in the process.

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