Letters with Samantha

For many years, Samantha and I have been exchanging letters. For my Christmas present in 2012, Samantha gave me a present of a letter a month – so long as I replied to each of them. The letters below lists our collection.

2020-05-09Stories of our trips to Ireland (B)
2020-04-10Description of our experience with COVID-19 shutdown - Part 2 (B)
2020-04-04Description of our experience with COVID-19 shutdown - Part 1 (B)
2020-05-08Job changes and plans and questions for reorganization of suite (S)
2020-03-24COVID-19, work, reorganization of suite (S)
2020-03-06Travel to Ireland, Birthday, Thomas, Children's retreat (S)
2020-02-27Bill's cataract surgery - Part 2 (B)
2020-02-13Description of Simon Yates' celebration event (B)
2020-02-12Bill's cataract surgery - Part 1 (B)
2020-01-29Back to work and rent money (S)
2020-01-29Second part of our history with cars (B)
2019-12-19Purchase of EV car (S)
2019-12-05First part of our history with cars (B)
2019-11-29Old Typewriter, Stationary, and Alex for Christmas (S)
2019-11-29End of school and car breakdown (S)
2019-11-11Theme1, Lesson 2 and Theme 2 for Charlie's homeschool: Asking Questions (B)
2019-11-04Letter typed on old typewriter (S)
2019-11-04Prep for moving and other activities (B)
2019-09-20Testing no postage and return address without postage (S)
2019-09-15Summer postcard (S)
2019-06-30FnB experience with neighbours in Montcalm house (B)
2019-06-29Conference and feeling sick (S)
2019-06-02Marie and Jacob Reimer story - continuation (B)
2019-05-08Challenges of juggling many activities (S)
2019-04-17Breakup and finding ones mate - snake bite story (B)
2019-04-10Response re. SNC Lavalin (B)
2019-03-17Question regarding SNC Lavalin (S)
2019-03-05Samantha's community map assignment: A- (S)
2019-02-27Breakup with Matt and school work (S)
2019-02-18Letter to Samantha: Early experiences with computers - Part 2 (B)
2019-01-20Letter to Samantha: Early experiences with computers - Part 1 (B)
2019-01-11Renewal of letter arrangement for 2019 (S)
2018-12-06Letter to Samantha: Discussion of Chandler research on adolescent suicide and relationship to my letters and stories (B)
2018-11-27Work at Disney and plans for Staycation with friends (S)
2018-11-07Letter to Samantha: A brief account of the Shavers' polio experience (B)
2018-10-27Letter to Samantha: Our visit with Samantha at Disney World (B)
2018-10-24Work and school activities at Disney World (S)
2018-10-15Letter to Samantha: Learning about living with my new body (B)
2018-09-20Living with roommates (S)
2018-08-20Letter to Samantha: The importance of learning how to reconcile (B)
2018-08-14Extremely busy at Disney World (S)
2018-07-28Initial activities at Disney World (S)
2018-07-18Letter to Samantha: Story of Reimer trip to Disneyland in 1959 (B)
2018-07-11Preparing for trip to USA (S)
2018-06-12Letter to Samantha: Fran's celebration event at the Toronto conference (B)
2018-05-26Letter to Samantha: Responding to question about the United Church (B)
2018-05-06Plans for summer and question about renting upstairs at E 48th (S)
2018-04-21Letter to Samantha: Responding to Sam's question about Syria (B)
2018-04-13Two questions: about Syria and the United Church (S)
2018-04-03Letter from Samantha: Application and interviews for Disney semester (S)
2018-03-13Letter from Samantha: Managing multiple activities and getting a USA passport (S)
2018-03-10Letter to Samantha: My history with organizing conferences and workshops: Church, SCM, CSAA, RPLC (B)
2018-01-31From Bill: Dad at the St. James Cottage hospice (B)
2018-01-29Letter from Samantha: Description of first day at St. Stephen's United Church (S)
2017-12-13Letter to Samantha: Managing group work projects and activities related to my neurology tests (B)
2017-12-03Letter from Samantha: Marketing Assignment and plans (S)
2017-11-24Letter to Samantha: NIMBY research and sex worker app (B)
2017-11-13Letter from Samantha: Marpole homeless and NIMBY plus newspaper articles (S)
2017-11-01Letter from Samantha: Planning activities for November and December (S)
2017-10-31Letter from Samantha: Homework project struggles (S)
2017-10-28Letter from Samantha: Stories of customers at Starbucks (S)
2017-10-27Letter to Samantha: Building of the temporary bridge to Ile-Bigras - step 1 (B)
2017-10-25Letter to Samantha: My trips with John and Jack up Black Tusk (B)
2017-10-21Letter to Samantha: Managing money (B)
2017-10-20Letter to Samantha: General structure of the bible with comments (B)
2017-10-16Letter from Samantha: August activities: Hell's Gate, Bellingham, Rendezvous, Pender Island (S)
2017-10-13Letter to Samantha: Chloe's story about the origin of life and sin (B)
2017-10-09Letter to Samantha: BC political parties (B)
2017-06-24Letter from Samantha: Plans after college graduation: Disney Field School (S)
2017-06-21Letter from Samantha: Working at Starbucks - second installment (S)
2017-04-30Letter from Samantha: A conversation with John (S)
2017-04-29Letter to Samantha: Shaver tradition of social action (B)
2017-04-02Letter from Samantha: Working at Starbucks (S)
2017-02-26Letter to Samantha: Trip from St. John's to Vancouver (B)
2017-02-22Letter from Samantha: Why One Should Be Allowed to Foster a Kitten (S)
2017-02-15Letter to Samantha: Organizing conferences (B)
2017-02-10Letter to Samantha: Using the Internet with Grandkids (B)
2017-01-31Letter from Samantha: Internship at Senior's Centre (S)
2016-12-12Letter from Samantha: Final Exams and Christmas Plans (S)
2016-12-10Letter to Samantha: My Cancer Treatment (B)
2016-12-03Letter from Samantha: Why I need a cat (S)
2016-12-03Letter from Samantha: Meals with John (S)
2016-11-05Letter to Samantha: Waiting for Events and Camping (B)
2016-11-02Letter to Samantha: Childhood Poetry (B)
2016-10-28Letter to Samantha: Myeloma Treatment (B)
2016-10-27Letter to Samantha: Myeloma (B)
2016-10-06Letter from Samantha: Preparing for the term (typed on typewriter) (S)
2016-09-27Letter to Samantha: On the train to Toronto (B)
2016-09-27Letter to Samantha: Cirque du Soliel and Hanging Out at Home (B)
2016-08-05Letter from Samantha: Astronomy Summer Course (S)
2016-06-17Letter to Samantha: MGUSExperience and Health (B)
2016-06-16Letter from Samantha: Getting mononucleosis (S)
2016-05-13Letter to Samantha: Photos from Sam's visit (B)
2016-04-28Letter from Samantha: Difficulties applying at UVic (S)
2016-04-17Letter from Samantha: Completing exams (S)
2016-04-15Letter to Samantha: Stowe memories (B)
2016-02-29Letter from Samantha: Making sock monkeys (S)
2016-02-24Letter to Samantha: My second year at UBC (B)
2016-02-20Letter from Samantha: Beginning of new semester (S)
2016-02-18Letter from Samantha: First term and camping (S)
2016-02-07Letter to Samantha: Serious leisure and points of view (B)
2015-12-25Letter from Samantha: Christmas Gift for Bill (S)
2015-12-16From Bill: Our Christmas activities as Students (B)
2015-12-04Letter from Samantha: End of Semester (S)
2015-11-19Letter from Samantha: Feeling Better (S)
2015-10-31From Bill: Stress and Biofeedback (B)
2015-10-09From Bill: Dependence and Independence (B)
2015-10-04Letter from Samantha: Living Alone (S)
2015-09-15Letter from Samantha: Packing for Vancouver (S)
2015-08-30From Bill: My First Place (B)
2015-08-25Letter from Samantha: Summer Parks (S)
2015-08-03From Bill: Trip to Ireland (B)
2015-08-03From Bill: Trip to Italy (B)
2015-08-02Letter from Samantha: End of school and graduation (S)
2015-07-26From Bill: Gandhi and early years at UBC (B)
2015-06-10From Bill: Summer Plans (B)
2015-06-06From Bill: Memphis (B)
2015-05-30Letter from Samantha: United Church Conference (S)
2015-05-25From Bill: Work Camps and Mental Hospital (B)
2015-05-06Letter from Samantha: Gift from Guide Camp (S)
2015-04-20Letter from Samantha: Summer Plans (S)
2015-04-02Letter from Samantha: Text from School Assignment (S)
2015-03-07From Bill: Writing Application Letters (B)
2015-02-11Letter from Samantha: Application Letters (S)
2014-10-10Letter from Samantha: Bus trip to Winnipeg (S)
2014-09-30From Bill: Clubs at UBC (B)
2014-09-09From Bill: Giving Presentations (B)
2014-08-20Letter from Samantha: Buy Computer (S)
2014-07-20From Bill: Fran as Park Supervisor (B)
2014-07-12Letter from Samantha: Job as Park Supervisor (S)
2014-06-28From Bill: Studying for Exams (B)
2014-06-10Letter from Samantha: Final Exams (S)
2014-05-16From Bill: Haikus and Structure (B)
2014-05-11Letter from Samantha: Haikus (S)
2014-04-12From Bill: Emily Carr and History (B)
2014-04-12From Bill: Note Card to Samantha (B)
2014-03-25Letter from Samantha: Spring Break (S)
2014-02-22From Bill: Black Tusk Ski Trip (B)
2014-02-08From Bill: Haiku (B)
2014-02-07Letter from Samantha: Snow Camping (S)
2014-01-13From Bill: Qu?®bec Winter (B)
2014-01-07Nothing Happened (S)
2013-12-20Letter from Samantha: Weather (S)
2013-11-18From Bill: Cleaning Rooms (B)
2013-11-12Letter from Samantha: Rendevous (S)
2013-11-01Letter from Samantha: Room Cleaning (S)
2013-10-29From Bill: London and England - 1985 (B)
2013-10-21From Bill: Kraft, 999 Queen, Prince Rupert (B)
2013-10-20Letter from Samantha: Camping Indoors (S)
2013-09-22From Bill: Stella Mission, Naramata, Keats, Fircom (B)
2013-09-20From Bill: Fire suppression crew (B)
2013-09-08From Bill: Courier, Butcher, Pinsetting, Woodwards (B)
2013-08-15Letter from Samantha: Flight to Raleigh (S)
2013-07-28Letter from Samantha: Kids Day Camp (S)
2013-07-04Letter from Samantha: Summer Job (S)
2013-07-03From Bill: Canoe Camping: Spagetti Queen, Fish Creek Pond (B)
2013-05-31Letter from Samantha: Camping with Class (S)
2013-04-25From Bill: Dolphins, Chickens, Domincan R (B)
2013-04-13Letter from Samantha: Slaughtering Animals (B)
2013-03-20From Bill: Physics - Herzberg (B)
2013-03-12Letter from Samantha: Physics Olympics (S)
2013-02-20From Bill: Daegan Learning to Ski (B)
2013-02-14From Bill: Hiking to the Lions (B)
2013-02-07Letter from Samantha: Snow Camping (S)
2013-01-08Letter from Samantha: Bumblebee (S)
2013-01-02From Bill: Heald family reunion (B)
2012-12-25Letter from Samantha: Miss You at Xmas (S)
2012-12-10Letter from Samantha: Naramata (S)
2012-10-27From Bill: Naramata and the Lake of Sudden Winds (B)
2012-10-10From Bill: My Later High School Days: Log Booms, Skating (B)
2012-09-17From Bill: Early High School Days (B)
2012-09-15From Bill: The Dumville Farm (B)
2012-09-08From Bill: Tragedy in Montreal (B)
2012-06-21Letter from Samantha: Exams (S)
2012-06-20From Bill: The Umbrella Tent (B)
2012-05-15FromBill: Einstein Riddle (B)
2012-05-07Letter from Samantha: Pierced Ears (S)
2012-05-06Letter from Samantha: Easter Egg Dive (S)
2012-04-01Letter from Samantha: Spring Break Camp (S)
2012-03-11Your Mother at 14 and 15 (B)
2012-02-13Letter from Samantha: Valentines Day (S)
2012-02-06From Bill: Corner Houses (B)
2012-01-20Letter from Samantha: Snow Day (S)
2009-08-05From Bill: Look Before You Jump (B)
2009-07-28From Bill: 2 stories by Bill & Fran (B)
2020-05-23Reading a book a month and opening of Covid-19 shutdown (S)
2020-06-28Suite plans and frustration with chairs (S)
2020-11-24Plans after Fall 2020 semester (S)
2020-11-27Getting laid off and plans (S)
2020-12-08Challenges of dating in 21st Century and COVID (S)
2021-01-10Doing nothing is exhausting (S)

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