Charlie’s acknowledgment at his graduation event

At the special family event for Charlie’s graduation to Middle School, Charlie provided an acknowledgement in Halq’eméylem, the language of the original occupants of the land. He learned some of the language at Langley Elementary School in their Aboriginal Program.

You can see a video of his acknowledgement via the following link: Charlie’s Presentation 2021/07/10. (Please excuse the sound quality since I tried to reduce the background noise from the traffic.)

Videos on Climate Change

Since January 2020, Charlie and I have been working on a series of videos regarding climate change with a particular focus on global warming. He chose the topic as part of his homeschooling work over the winter/spring semester.

He has now produced produced seven videos on the topic. You can look at them using the links below.

We welcome your comments on the videos. If you wish to add some suggestions about other ways in which global warming can be reduced or how people in Fort Langley are helping to reduce global warming, we would love to hear. We would also like to hear what you liked about the videos or how they could be improved.

You can send your comments or suggestions in the Comment section below.

  1. Introduction to Climate Change and Global Warming
  2. What are greenhouse gases?
  3. Sources of greenhouse gases?
  4. What will happen?
  5. Who is responsible?
  6. What can businesses, governments, and citizens do?
  7. What can we do in Fort Langley?


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