QC2BC04: On the Road

Sat. July 25, 2020

We rose on Saturday to the final packing for the RV, some details regarding the items left behind, and our thoughts on the journey ahead. We were delighted to hear the voices of Rosemarie, Linda, Mandy, and Margaret as we were busy with those final steps.

The stress was already beginning to dissipate since there was little to be done if we got the packing wrong and we could focus our attention on only one major thing: where will we stay each night.

We pulled out of the driveway about 12:45–only 2 hours late–and headed to Ottawa for a “brunch” with the Poultons.

We were received with generosity in spite of our tardy arrival and were invited to stay the night at their place rather than head to Peterborough as we originally planned. It was a perfect idea, since we were in great need of a decrease in the pace of the last few days, so we made the necessary arrangements for revisions in our plans and enjoyed a lovely extended time for visiting before heading off to bed.