Family and Friends

This material includes general family topics. I have divided them into several groups.

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  1. Lorne Lea says:

    In 1959 a friend and I hitch-hiked from P.E.I. to B.C.
    We were picked up in Western Ontario by Bill Reimer and his son-about 10 years old.
    They were going to Renata B.C.
    We were with them for a couple of days. A really nice man
    Any connection there?

    • workshop says:

      Hi Lorne,
      1959 would make me about 15 years old – living in Vancouver. My connection to Renata was my Grandfather’s brother Jacob Reimer. He had a small orchard there that provided us kids with a wonderful location for adventures and family gatherings. I don’t recall meeting another (older) Bill Reimer there on our visits. My Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother are buried in Renata (under a slab of concrete that was poured over the cemetery before it was flooded as part of the High Arrow Dam in 1967). Some Renata photos can be seen via
      If you finally find the right Bill Reimer connection I would be interested in his relationship to Jacob or other Reimers from Renata.

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